The 11 Best Cafés in Prague

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Historically, when it came to coffee, the Czechs steeled themselves with a strong, dark hit of Turek, or Turkish. However, time has since softened beverage menus across the country, and the usual gamut of Americanos, lattes and cappuccinos have made their home here, too. Indeed, Prague has developed a thriving café culture, with a generous sugaring of lovely places to settle back and watch the world drift by – and plenty more than a Turek to sip on. From atmospheric locals to the coolest tables in town, here are the best cafés in Prague.

Best For Atmosphere

Prague’s romance is not merely skin deep, with a clutch of historic institutions preserving the city’s past. Take the Art Deco Café Slavia, for example. Overlooking the National Theatre, it was built in 1884 and was notoriously frequented by Prague’s bohemian set. Having survived the blunt blow of communism, it’s now the place for a mid-afternoon Espresso and slice of apple strudel. Kavárna Obecní dům in Municipal House is also loved for its Art Deco interiors. All chandeliers and marble-topped tables, it’s vintage appeal is made all the more endearing with a dessert trolley of classic cakes.

Best For Hipsters

There’s no shortage of avocado toast at Coffee Room on Korunní. There’s also an admirable emphasis on excellent coffee, with a careful house blend that’s undergoing constant evolution. Elsewhere, Ema Espresso Bar at Masaryk Railway Station is all chic pine benches decorated with sprays of irises, and perfect hearts cut into the foam of its flat whites. It’s one of the best cafés in Prague, with tiny tables spilling out across the pavement for when it gets too crowded inside. Tucked away in the Old Town, Mezi Srnky is full of wildflowers and eclectic crockery. The menu pays special attention to its suppliers, carefully sourcing farm-to-fork fare and giving pride of place to a hearty weekend brunch.

Best For Downtime

The cosy Týnská Literární Kavárna tucked behind the Týn church is a well-attended local favourite. It’s a little tricky to find, even for regulars, but is an ideal corner in which to spend an hour or two with a good book – and a great coffee. Equally lovely for its quirky vintage décor is Kavárna Kabinet, a café that would be much busier were it not for its tucked away location near Dejvická station. A favourite of in-the-know locals, it’s the perfect place to get a feel for everyday life in Prague. A little closer to the centre, Ecocoffee is famous for its Vietnamese coffee, served in the traditional way with condensed milk. Add in the café’s living wall of plants, and this is a breath of fresh air in the heart of the city.

Best For Vegans

Planet-friendly coffee sippers with a predilection for dessert would do well to pop by Lifehouse moments from Můstek Metro station. Milkshakes are a froth of fresh fruit and creamy almond milk and the cashew-based ‘cheese cakes’ are piled high with berries and bananas. There’s also the ubiquitous turmeric latte for those who’ve had their caffeine fix for the day. No list of the best vegan cafés in Prague would be complete without a nod to Moment Kavárna & Bistro. It’s beloved by carnivores and vegans alike for its imaginative meat-free menu, excellent food and, of course, great coffee. The tiny Veget Bistro in the Old Town is a little more down to earth, with prices to match. While the menu is not strictly vegan, there are plenty of animal-friendly choices sprinkled liberally with chia seeds.

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