Top 10 cellar bars in Prague

Photo: © Andrei Kiselev/Hemera/Thinkstock

We like Prague for many reasons, but we must admit it tends to shine brightest during winter. While everywhere seems frozen, Prague is kept alive by the quirky cellar bars that are strategically located across the city. Keep an eye out for these perfect winter warmers; whether it’s mulled wine at the Zlatého Tygra or a local brew at the Pivovarský Klub, we’ve scoured the city for our 10 favourite cellar bars in Prague.

U Sedmi Švábů

If you want to feel like a knight in shining armour or a damsel in distress, you might find yourself at home in U Sedmi Švábů. Fatten up for the season with frothy pints and hearty dumplings by the fire – winter is coming.

U Staré Studny

Despite the fact that Prague is one of the largest beer capitals in Europe, and competition for the perfect ale is fierce, there are other options. U Staré Studny is a chic little cellar bar in Prague where wine and cognac take precedence – all by flickering candlelight of course.

Pivovarský Klub

If, however, beer is one of the main reasons you’ve decided to visit this fantastic city, we highly recommend dropping a Google Maps pin on on the Pivovarský Klub and making it one of your definite visits. Expect a more casual atmosphere on the upper floor, jam-packed with beer bottles, and a more intimate setting on the lower floor with over 240 different types of beer to choose from.

La Terroir

Tucked away beneath historic stone vaults, La Terroir is another elegant bar and restaurant in Prague that prides itself on serving French haute cuisine, without compromising on genuine produce. While its modernist cooking will definitely blow you away, its extensive wine list makes sure that you’re suitably warmed up during the bitter cold.


Kozička actually means ‘little goat’ in Czech, but there’s no agricultural trace in this trendy cellar bar. In fact, the lovely Kozička has been a regular on the city’s nightlife scene for a number of years. Make your way through the different steam-punk inspired rooms that tend to grow progressively louder and more crowded throughout the night.

Zlý Časy

Weirdly, Zlý Časy means ‘bad times’ in Czech, but don’t let that put you off! Behind its cheeky demeanour, this quaint cellar bar dishes up quite the opposite. Sample up to 48 different types of beer with a plate of rump steak on the side – we guarantee it’s a great way to warm up during the icy winter!

U Zlatého Tygra

Unlike the other bars on our list, the U Zlatého Tygra, or the golden tiger, technically isn’t underground, but to give this historic bar a miss would be a mistake – after all this is the same bar that Václav Havel visited with Bill Clinton! Order a mug of Pilsner Urquell, settle down beneath one of the stone alcoves, and take it all in.

Kulový Blesk

While Kulový Blesk’s gorgeous beer garden is a popular summer hangout, visitors are invited to enter the side entrance and head down to the colourful cellar, strongly reminiscent of a cosy sitting room, with a touch of Czech kitsch.


Named after the notorious archduke Franz, Ferdinanda has two locations in Prague, with the Malá Strana address generally being less crowded. Wander across its arching alcoves like a monk, sip on its house-produced dark and light lagers, or order a plate of steaming goulash and snuggle up for the evening.

Black Angel’s Bar

If you’re still in the mood for something different after all that, then you’re in luck. The Black Angel’s Bar is ranked amongst the top 4 hotel bars in the world, and it’s known for its delicious cocktails and sultry surroundings. Accompany your favourite drink with a premium cigar and you’re in for a good night.