Weather in Prague – what to expect each month

Illuminated Charles Bridge reflected in Vltava River. Evening panorama of Prague, Czech Republic. Panoramic shot
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Rain, shine, sleet or snow? Find out about what to expect from the weather in Prague, the best time to visit the Czech capital and what to wear in this sometimes icy city.

January – a winter wonderland

The ice and snow in the Czech capital peaks during January and this is by far the coldest time of the year, so pack warm boots and a cosy coat as temperatures range from -2.4°C to 2.6°C. Brr.

February – fireside weather

While there may be a slight thaw at this time of year, and temperatures increase, it is still very cold and snowy at -1.8°C to 4.4°C. On the streets, people are wrapped up against the chill in jackets and colorful scarves.

March – cold and clear

It’s still cold during March but spring has started to show a warmer mood with thawing ice and sunny, clear skies. The low temperatures run from 1.5°C to 9.1°C during the day but nights are still below freezing.

April – still a bit chilly

Warmer weather creates a more pleasant mood in the city and while still cold, spring is on its way. Low temperatures are around 5.1°C to 15.1°C during April. People venture out more but there is still snow on the ground.

May – a little bit merry

The city comes alive in late May as the weather becomes pleasantly warm and locals venture out into the parks to walk, rollerblade, go cycling or enjoy summer cinema or beer gardens. There are only about 10 days of rain during May. Temperatures range from 9.7°C to a warmer 20.3°C at this time of year.

June – blissfully warm

June is warm but drizzly in the capital city. Most days are sunny and temperatures in the city rise from 12.7°C to 22.8°C. However, around 71.1mm of rain falls during June, so definitely pack an umbrella.

July – fun in the sun

People are out on the streets in full force, sampling foods from street vendors, enjoying a pint at the beer gardens, letting children play in the parks and walking barefoot. The rain lets up for a while during July and August so this is many people’s favourite time of the year and there is almost a celebratory mood in the city.

July is warm with less rain than June which makes it one of the most popular months for holidays in the city. Low temperatures from 14.5°C, with highs of 25.3°C are usual. Excursions to museums, monuments and art galleries or trips to Stromovka and Letna Park or the Havlíčkovy gardens, or Kampa or Detsky island are embraced for a sense of the outdoors.

August – warm, dry weather

August in Prague is warm and dry. It’s a pleasure to watch the late sunsets in the city and the weather is very warm in the early evening. Temperatures range between 14.2°C and 25.1°C and the nights are cool – definitely an excellent time to play in the city.

September – something chilly in the air

As autumn touches the city, temperatures range from 10.5°C to 19.9°C during the daytime, with lows of 11°C at sunset. It’s best to dress in layers at this time of year as the cold evening air gets chilly.

October – cold and dry

Temperatures decrease sharply as the colder months set in, ranging from 6.4°C to 14.2°C. It still rains during October but it’s much drier than during the summer months. The mood in Prague changes, as days grow shorter and more time is spent indoors at restaurants or pubs.

November – very cold but cosy

The autumn months draw to a close – heralding the colder temperatures that pave the way for ice and snow. Temperatures range from 2.1°C to highs of just 7.2°C, so people begin to spend most of their time indoors.

December – snowy trees and twinkling lights

One of the coldest months of the year, at a mere 3.4°C average maximum temperature, December is a month for time spent with family and friends in preparation for the festive season. Despite the plummeting temperatures, the wintry snowscape is still one of the prettiest times of the year to visit.

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